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Colorado Plateau Geosystems Inc provides paleogeographic maps of the ancient world. The paleogeographic maps show the varied landscapes of the ancient Earth through hundreds of millions of years of geologic time, including distribution of ancient shallow seas, deep ocean basins, mountain ranges, coastal plains, and continental interiors. Tectonic features shown include subduction zones, island arcs, mid-ocean ridges and accreting terranes. Latest geologic data from the scientific literature are used to compile and construct the ancient Earth.

Paleogeographic maps have multiple uses. Paleogeography is a synthesis and can only be accomplished from extensive geologic data. Therefore, paleogeographic maps portray immense amounts of data in a single view. This may be their single greatest value. They also show this data in a way that is interpretable to non-geologists. When used in time sequence, they show trend and pattern through geologic time. They readily display distribution of ancient geologic features at the surface of the Earth. They teach both geologists and non-geologists broad patterns of Earth history. They help satisfy our curiosity concerning what the Earth used to look like - they educate and stimulate.

Ronald Blakey, Professor Emeritus NAU Geology has spent over 20 years creating these paleogeographic maps. Dr. Blakey's maps appear in numerous books, professional publications, visitor centers and museums throughout the world. His professional career involves the study of the stratigraphy and sedimentology of the ancient rocks of the Colorado Plateau.

*NEW Oct 2014* Introducing a new map series, History of Western Interior Seaway, North America ©, that includes 60 time slices of Jurassic and Cretaceous maps of North America from NW Canada, through the Western Interior of Canada and US, and southward into the Gulf Coast region; also included are 23 facies-tectonic maps, and 8 chrono-stratigraphic cross sections. The paleogeographic maps for much of the Late Cretaceous are spaced at less than 1/2 million years apart and display details of transgressive-regressive events in great detail. Scale and resolution are the same as those in Key Time slices of North American Geologic History © (see below) but are cropped to focus on the Western Interior Seaway.

Click here for short movie -- regression of latest Cretaceous seas

*NEW 2013* A completely revised North American series, Key Time slices of North American Geologic History ©, that includes 36 time slices, 15 facies-tectonic maps, and 16 plate-tectonic maps. The paleogeographic maps have nearly twice the resolution of the previous North American series (the older series with 93 time slices is still available -- the tight spacing of the time slices in the older series makes it a good DVD from which to make animations). The Key Time slices of North American Geologic History © DVD incorporates new data, new models, improved construction methods, and crisp map images.

Information on my new book, PLATE TECTONICS: CONTINENTAL DRIFT AND MOUNTAIN BUILDING by Wolfgang Frisch, Martin Meschede and Ronald Blakey. Click here for information about this book: from Springer Publishing

Information on my book, ANCIENT LANDSCAPES OF THE COLORADO PLATEAU by Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney. Click here for information about this book: merchant

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